ZeSend Campaign Features

100+ Designer Templates

Gain access to hundreds of Email templates to be used  "As-Is" or enhanced with our integrated HTML designer. The image library has over 3000 Royalty-Free images to add a personal touch to your emails.

One Click-Subscribe

To grow your list quickly, you will be sent a "Subscribe Now" link  to start sharing with all visitors. Once clicked either from Social Media, web domain, or an email, those names will be automatically added to your subscriber list. Low maintenance!

SEO Instant Archives

Describe your images, title your links, and use yours.zesend.com to promote your news. Archiving your messages whether public or private is imperative to the future life of your campaigns. Shelf life: 24-months.


Ask one or a complete series of questions that will help you learn about your subscribers. Using the built in Drag & Drop survey feature is simple and when you're finished linking your survey to your website or email list is a snap.

Social Integration

Quickly share your news to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc, all while building your permission-based subscriber list. Every share is tracked - turning prospects into profiles, socially.

Link Triggers   

Remember birthdays and anniversaries. Move contacts between lists when they open, click, forward, or interact with an image included in your campaign. You can even trigger the next set of actions based on un-opened mail. 

New In 2020!

Customize Your first Custom Email Template

We want your campaigns off to a rising start, so this year we're designing your first campaign. 
Upon request, we will review your current website and/or social presence and snapshot images that reflect your brand today. We will then create your 650 pixel Email Template for use on your first ZeSend Marketing campaign. A poorly designed newsletter can be damaging for your brand and cause subscribers to click "opt-out" ending your engagement online. Let us help you engage with your fans.


Start Responding when they Start Interacting

We've made it easy to create a series of personalized email
messages to new leads at given intervals that you define.

It's like having your own dedicated sales team working
for you around the clock.

Responding to a new or current customers request
24 hours a day is vital to growing your business.
New customers may not fully understand your value,
while current customers want to feel that their
emails are being acknowledged. 

Using our Auto-Pilot does just that!

Make your Email Campaigns Stand OUT with over 30
essential features!

Start NOW for $7 


Easy to understand Campaign Statistic Reports from ZeSend and Google. View open rates, bounce back reports, busiest open times, link usage and a lot more to help you understand your campaign investment.


Along with your dedicated domain (yours.zesend.com) you can easily add your own IP ( to guarantee delivery of your newsletters free from any Blacklist engines. Send "from" your own domain staying brand consistent every step of the way.

Effective DoublE opt-In

When an add-in request has been made to your list or when your initial campaign is sent, new subscribers will receive a confirmation  immediately after to re-veriiy their interest in receiving your promotion. This extra layer helps to eliminate wasted time, money, domain blocking, and uninterested party unsubscribes.

Fast ACTION  Replies

ZeSend allows you to acknowledge the sender and drive them back to your website to gain more information soon after they make an action in your campaign. Speak to them automatically  on birthdays, every two weeks, 72 hours later, or whenever you choose.

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