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85% of emails that use the same look and feel as the brand or company that sent the email are more likely to be opened and engaged with.


Powerful Layout & Shades. Strategic subject lines that get opened. We can redesign any newsletter with a proof in 24 hours.     

Say Goodbye to using the same 25 Pre-designed templates that everyone uses. 
Instead we will use Your Imaging to create a fully customized template for Your Organization that will be exclusive to Your Business.

Templates should be for the beginning stages of electronic marketing. When your business is ready to reach that next level, you must increase your brands visibility with enhanced email marketing. Some features include:

Custom Archiving

 Archiving your messages whether public or private is imperative to the future life of your campaigns. It is a fact that no campaign truly ends after the sale date. We want visitors or customers to view our messages even after the expiration to provoke some form of action. 

Every Zoom supported campaign it with a set archive period of 24 months per newsletter. With instant archival it is also helpful to ensure that you are not "reusing" a template or style that you have used before if that is not your intention with your newsletter campaigns. 

24 days or 240 days after your campaign was sent, users will be able to visit the link and connect with you - adding to your web-links as well as, showing brand continuity.